Air freight to Ukraine starting at 8$ kg ( 8-15 days)
Truck freight to Ukraine starting at 5$ kg ( 30 days)
Sea freight to Ukraine starting at 2.5$ kg (45 days)
Air freight to Russia starting at 8$ kg ( 8-12 days)
Rail freight to Russia starting at 3.5$ kg (25 days)
Air freight to Europe starting at 9$ kg (10 days)
Sea freight to Europe starting at 3$ kg (45 days)
Air freight to U.S.A. starting at 6$ kg (10 days)
Sea freight to U.S.A. starting at 3$ kg (45 days)

This list of services is not exhaustive and demonstrates the services that are most in demand.
The cost of services indicated in the proposal is generally accepted, but it may vary depending on the specificity and scope of the tasks assigned. Such changes must be agreed with the customer in advance, after the order is examined by the company’s specialists.
Lawyers, translators and other specialists of the company are ready to represent your interests in all regions of China. In case the order provides for the departure of specialists from Guangzhou (permanent location of the office of the company), the customer pays for the transfer and accommodation of the specialists necessary for him.
In case of any questions, we are ready to provide all the necessary information in the shortest possible time.